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Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

GRP Education Initiative

GRP places significant emphasis on promoting nutrient-dense foods and sustainable growing practices. Acknowledging that not all individuals have access to affordable and healthy food options, we strive to empower children to take control of their own nutrition. Our efforts extend beyond connecting consumers with growers to include educating children on making informed decisions about their food choices. To achieve this, we partner with schools and other organizations to introduce greenhouses and other opportunities that offer hands-on experiences in growing healthy foods in urban environments. Our belief is that by equipping children and families with education and resources through various charitable parternships, we can help them overcome barriers to healthy eating, irrespective of their location or financial circumstances.

Team involved with GRP pilot greenhouse
Growing plant
GRP greenhouse sponsored by Ag Partners
Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Greenhouse Projects

In early 2023, GRP constructed its first pilot greenhouse at Sterling High School in Sterling, KS with the help of an area sponsor. This greenhouse will be used to exemplify the rough cost and time commitment required to construct these structures at schools. The school plans to utilize its greenhouse through its Family and Consumer Sciences classes and extra-curricular clubs to generate food to consume in the school cafeteria as well as plants to sell for fundraising opportunities.


Interested in having a greenhouse at your local school?

Thanks! Our team will reach out soon.

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